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DOMINIQUE CISSE from Fetsuri Multicultural Celebration Inc – Nominated by Jenny McKay

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Over the past two decades, Dominique has served the Sunshine Coast community volunteering 25 plus house a week, building awareness of multiculturalism, the main focus of which is the annual FESTURI Multicultural Music & Dance Festival held.  A little known fact is that whilst being involved in such creativity, Dominique is also a volunteer with the Rural Fire Service, based on the Sunshine Coast and deploying wherever is required eg Queensland and New South Wales during the horrific bush fire disaster of Summer 2019/20. Dominique organised an annual multicultural music and dance festival to build awareness of multicultural communities in the Sunshine Coast and showcase culturally and diverse artists and support the local CALD community and artists to develop a high standard of work. He worked to connect these artists and performers with other festivals and organisations. His award is for the human rights and migrant services category and he is also a volunteer with the Sunshine Coast’s Rural Fire Service.

Congratulation Dominique on the good volunteering you do, thank you!