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Jodi Salmond of Reef Check Australia – Nominate by Julie Schubert

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Jodi started volunteering with Reef Check Australia in 2010. She started volunteering for approximately 15-20 hours a week for the first couple of years.  Since this time, the hours she volunteers varies depending on the tasks at hand. On weeknights, she will spend hours helping train volunteers, running community lecture events, and checking on our volunteers, or running fundraising events for the organisation. On the weekends, she volunteers to train, and to survey local reefs as part of the annual reef health surveys along the QLD coast. Jodi advocates for citizen science and women in STEM, volunteering above and below the water; cleaning up, presenting at schools/universities/community lectures, monitoring marine environments, documenting changes, and sharing information on a local, national, and global scale. She trains, educates, upskills, and motivates adults and students. Jodi was instrumental in creating the award-winning REEF Search reef identification and observation program used throughout Australia and the World.

Congratulations Jodi on the good volunteering you do, thank you!