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Megan Voigt of Noosa Christian College – Nominated by Dale Bergman

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Megan has been volunteering for over 3 years and has been an advocate for children’s safety, lobbying and securing a footpath the students can use instead of being forced to ride/walk on the road. She has been president of the Parents and Friends’ Association and involved in successful fundraising to purchase resources for the school. Her assistance with the Council to build a footpath on the road to our school has had huge community impacts and could even be attributed to saving lives as the road was notoriously dangerous for the students to cross. Megan’s volunteer work for our school community has been invaluable. The Noosa Christian College, being a not-for-profit, has been very appreciative to receive Megan’s support. In an era where people are usually too busy to help out, Megan has unselfishly given her time to the school.

Congratulations Megan on the good volunteering you do, thank you!