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Changes to Centrelink Mutual Obligations and Volunteering

No change for volunteers over 60! This is my reading of it In a nutshell: •          Workforce Australia will replace Job Active as of Monday 4 July and the below changes will take effect on this date. •          Workforce Australia is made up of two departments: o         Workforce Australia Services

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VSC a force behind Flood Recovery 2022

A fabulous band of volunteers rallied together to support flood recovery efforts following the February ‘deluge’ in 2022.  In collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Council Volunteering Sunshine Coast harnesses the efforts and manages the distribution of spontaneous volunteers to support community recovery efforts following natural disasters. The training and skills

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Carer Kerry and Seeing Eye Dog in training Jude

How did you find out about becoming a puppy carer?  I found out about puppy caring for Vision Australia when I saw it advertised in the local magazine, ‘My Weekly Preview’. The article jumped out at me.     It was the perfect timing. I’d just finished my career and I was

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Carer Bruce and Seeing Eye Dog in Training Misty

How did you find out about becoming a puppy carer?  My wife found out about puppy caring in a local magazine. From there, we thought about it on and off for some time. When COVID-19 hit, we decided it was the right time to apply as we were settled at home

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