Volunteering Sunshine Coast

Board of Directors


Babette Bensoussan

For over 25 years Babette has served as an advisor to organisations and business leaders from around the world. A recognised global authority on Competitive Intelligence, and one of the most published authors and well regarded speakers in her field, Babette brings valuable insights to entrepreneurs, business leaders and senior executives.

director and secretary

Michael Henning

Michael has a passion in working with people and has a keenness in ensuring that people remain connected and engaged with their local communities. Michael has a long history in developing strong collaborative relationships with service providers, government and other not-for-profits/community-based organisations, to help, advocate and support those disaffected and marginalised, as well as those homeless, in our community. Michael has been on the VSC Board since 2013.


Vacant Position

If you are interested in supporting Volunteering Sunshine Coast as a Treasurer on our board please email mathew.w@volunteeringsc.org.au for more information.


Tanya Dave

Tanya has an unwavering passion for assisting seniors to live life to the fullest, enabling them to not only age well, but to thrive in a caring and supportive environment. Tanya has 20 years’ experience working across government and non-government aged-care services.


Anne Hinkly-Tyler

Anne brings over 20 years’ experience to the VSC board, working in executive marketing communications roles. She has worked in a corporate business buying businesses and merging brands as well as a not-for-profit charity advertising to recruit foster carers and fundraising for homelessness services. Anne spent 10 years owning and operating a successful overseas small business in the tourism industry and experienced first-hand what it is like to live in a community yet not fully understanding the local culture and language.

Anne has now settled in the Sunshine Coast where she works as a senior communications consultant at QAPR while also continuing her enthusiastic involvement in the local community through volunteering.


Claire Taylor

Finding herself immersed in the love of property and personal finance industry, Claire’s heart lies in educating mums how to pay off their mortgage quicker through life-changing, financial education. Claire thrives on helping women create a future where they can live a Luxe Life for Less!


Vacant Position

If you are interested in supporting Volunteering Sunshine Coast as a Director on our board please email mathew.w@volunteeringsc.org.au for more information.


Garry Johnston

Garry Johnston started work in Sydney as an economist for a number of years before switching to law. He eventually went to the Bar advocating and practising in numerous jurisdictions, landing cases in many of the higher courts including the High and Federal Courts. For reasons nothing to do with the law, he switched to the Solicitor side of the legal profession and again advocated and advised in multiple areas and was involved in a number of major cases covering areas of labour law, commercial, contracts, tort law, IP, immigration, competition law to name a few. Quickly step-towed and followed his better half to the Sunshine Coast where we settled in early 2018.