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Changes to Centrelink Mutual Obligations and Volunteering


No change for volunteers over 60!

This is my reading of it

In a nutshell:

•          Workforce Australia will replace Job Active as of Monday 4 July and the below changes will take effect on this date.

•          Workforce Australia is made up of two departments:

o         Workforce Australia Services is for people who may need assistance in seeking paid employment and they will be allocated a job provider.

o         Workforce Australia Online is for job ready people who can self-manage their employment pathways

o         Job seekers will have to accrue 100 points per month to meet their mutual obligations – this can be done in a number of ways.

•          People aged 60 and over are able to meet their Mutual Obligation by volunteering 30 hours per fortnight – no changes

•          People aged 55-59 and in their first 12 months of going on benefits, can meet their Mutual Obligation by volunteering 15 hours per fortnight (plus have to secure paid work for 15 hours per fortnight). After the first year they can move onto 30 hours a fortnight.

People under 55 participating in Workforce Australia Services:

•          May volunteer in volunteer work sourced by their provider for 15-25 hours per week (worth 20 points) or can volunteer up to 15 hours per week (worth 15 points)

People under 55 participating in Workforce Australia Services & Workforce Australia Online can do up to 10 hours per month (self-sourced) in an approved volunteer work.

Please let me know if you have any other interpretations.

Thanks Chris.

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