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Volunteer Value


Volunteering Australia’s research department recently placed the value of a volunteer’s time at $40.35/hr. This is based on the average hourly wage in Australia, as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This wage value has increased from:

  • $24.09 in 2006
  • $28.99 in 2011
  • $34.89 in 2016
  • and is estimated to increase to $42.00 by 2021.

The Sunshine Coast’s 64,000 volunteers contributed between $162-324 billion to the local economy in 2014, along with $245 million in unpaid wages. That is higher than the Clean Technology
industry’s estimated economic contribution of $214 million on Sunshine Coast Council estimates.

The economic value of volunteering nationally has been placed at between $200-290 billion when accounting for factors such as lives saved, the financial worth of emotions and latest inflation rates. This would place the volunteering sector above mining, agriculture, defence and retail in terms of its economic impact.

Visit the ABS website for more information.


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Narelle mccarthy-scec - posted on August 4, 2017 1:24 pm

thank you very much for this important information. We all know the valuable work so many passionate and dedicated people do, however, to have it quantified in this way demonstrates the signifcant role our volunteer ‘workforce’ provides.

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