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Held at the Ettamogah Pub, the day got off to a cracking start with lively music and a spectacularly lit venue.  As the guests arrived, a mass of youthful energy filled the space. In a corner, a group of “young fairy-girls” started a spontaneous dance.  There was an equal mix of genders and it was great to see a number of parents and grandparents also participating.

It proved to be an entertaining and enlightening day for youth and adults alike.   The incentive of course was the free entry to Aussie World for the young participants after the program. The presentations gave much inspiration for handling life’s challenges as we evolve.  Some very moving personal stories were shared. The sincerity of the speakers must be commended, in expressing their experiences and in involving the audience with some interactive activities.

Vicki Magic, the founder and host and provided a steady stream of energy, enthusiasm and community spirit from start to finish.  The speakers were equally inspiring and had a wide variety of backgrounds. What was unanimous, was the strength of character each person had exhibited in spite of trying circumstances, either in their own lives, or in those close to them.  The speakers encompassed fields such as wedding planning, finance, athletics, aromatherapy, chiropractic, and emotional management. We had the opportunity to hear significant parts of their life stories, as well as strategies to handle our own lives.

Having self awareness, looking within and drawing strength from within, was a central message.  We were encouraged to view difficulties as challenges that arise at various times and to be assured there will be a beginning and an end.

The speakers presented useful practical techniques and encouraged us to use them moment by moment.  All presenters spoke from the heart and were willing to admit their weakness, which made their presentations even more engaging.  After each speaker finished, time was provided to discuss key questions raised by the presentation, with the guide of the facilitators at each table.  Some important issues were thus raised and explored. Counsellors were on hand to provide more specialised assistance if need be.

It was commendable to see the male presenters setting an example and openly expressing their emotions.  Amy from McGrath Estate Agents spoke from her experience of moving forward as a young person in an unhappy situation to a much better place and the importance of being yourself.  Kim from Twenty8 spoke of her time as an Olympic long-distance runner and of her son’s overcoming his adolescent hurdles. Dan from Fox Finance spoke of his story of a colleague and friend from his youth who took his life due to financial issues and called for greater financial education for youth.  Paula from Suncoast Cleaning Solutions gave an incredibly moving account of her personal journey of empowerment in losing a limb.  David from Hendry Chiropractic spoke from personal experience of being bullied, as well as being a bully and covered techniques to handle this key issue.  Chris from Sunny Kids children’s charity, gave a brutally honest account of his difficult childhood, which brought a profound calm to the room. Blase from Experientia provided a show-stopping presentation, aimed at encouraging people to manage their emotions more constructively, through engaging exercises.  Congratulations on setting such a great example to males.

Some of the feedback from the day included:

Food for the soul



Builds self-esteem

Takes you out of the familiar and into opportunity

Positivity, success, expansion, connection

Allows you to experience your inner potential, power, unity, joy, peace, bliss, harmony, power  

Gives you a role to play

An outlet for all your energy in a constructive manner

Opportunity for learning on many levels and at all stages of life

Water the flower of good action

The day wrapped up with a presentation from Vicki, including many inspiring ideas to help us nurture our self-awareness and draw from the strength within.  She emphasised that real magic is “believing in yourself” and that “when you are happy, things will change.  She encouraged us to “start watering the flowers, not the weeds.”

What are your thoughts on youth issues, particularly on the Sunshine Coast and how can these be addressed?

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