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Volunteering Sunshine Coast have a long history of matching people to organisations, and are now providing work experience for students of all ages to support their education and training.  Work Placement is a social enterprise that provides income to VSC to support our community. Our team members have experience working in Businesses, Education and Training and our Coordinator has experience in education and managing on-the-job learning. Our systems comply with current standards from Education Queensland for state and non-state schools- and provide Work Experience Agreement forms for every placement.

We have over 1500 host employers on our database and our team will link students with the best opportunity available within reach of the student.

Benefits of Work Experience

Learning about work is a vital part of education. It helps with career decision, skills development, personal effectiveness, confidence and employability.  It is a privilege and builds employability skills:

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving
  • Initiative & Enterprise
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Self-Management
  • Learning
  • Technology

Work Experience or Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

Work Sampling

Career development.

Year 10.

Student observes and supports the work and experiences the type of work they might wish to engage with in future.

Structured Workplace Learning

Industry specific skills.

Senior and vocational students.

Students have specific tasks to complete in a work placement, usually associated with vocational education evidence for competency.

The Work Experience Process

Step 1 Student registration form lodged 8+ weeks prior to placement date. Step 2 VSC match suitable host and create/send documents to host, school and student. Step 3 Student completes EQ WEX agreement form on meeting with host and returns this to school. Step 4 VSC will support and change if needed and school manages placement period.

Confidentiality:  We respect every students privacy and we hold this confidential-  it will only be used for the purposes of finding the best placement for each student. Details provided on the registration forms will be shared with host employers so that they may be able to contact and support students. Emergency contacts are always required.

Education Queensland work experience policies and procedures