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Student Process

If you would like us to help you set up your Work Experience with an industry host, simply follow these steps:

  1. Complete Registration Form. If you have your own placement, provide details of the industry contact and phone and we will follow up.
  2. On the job learning is best with people who the student doesn’t know as it’s more like real work.
  3. Nominate 4 different preferences and be happy with the result.
  4. Discuss preferences, suburbs, and transport requirements with family / household.
  5. List any special needs / requirements (will be shared with host to provide support).
  6. Return the form to the school ASAP. VSC cannot guarantee placement with less than 8 weeks notice.
  7. Expect to receive placement details 2 weeks prior to the placement.
  8. Phone the employer and organise an interview:
    1. Have the Workplace Agreement signed by the employer
    2. Discuss start, lunch and finish times
    3. Discuss dress requirements
    4. Discuss activities to be undertaken while at work
    5. Discuss extracurricular activities and any special needs eg: sport or part time work
    6. Record the employer contact details
    7. Return your signed Workplace Agreement to the school

When in the workplace

Work Experience is a great place to start getting real references for your future. Leave your industry host with a good impression of you as they are your first important referee to get a job in the future

Skills you develop at your placement:

  • Attendance, appearance, attitude, respect.
  • You have responsibilities to your school, family and your employer.
  • Attendance: Attend work every day and be punctual. You must also attend an interview prior to the placement.
  • Appearance: Be neat and tidy at all times; fit in with the standards of dress required by the employer.
  • Initiative and enthusiasm:  Listen and follow instructions.  If you don’t understand something, ask for help. Look for things to do – don’t stand around when you have finished one task.
  • Effective interaction: Positive teamwork with co-workers.  Be polite and show respect.  Address adults correctly (eg Mr, Mrs), phone the employer and organise an interview.
  • Safe work practices and non-discriminatory work practices:  Follow all workplace health and safety regulations and rules.
  • If you want to continue in this career, ask your host for information on courses, career prospects and any contacts to help you get started.

Some useful links to support transition from school to work

Career information

Resume and job application assistance

For more information contact Work Experience Coordinator on (07) 5443 8256 or email