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School-VSC process (can be negotiated in our service agreement)

We are happy to tailor more support for your school. Here is the process we use with most schools:


1. Sends calendar of work placements (& competencies / learning objectives)

3. Collates and sends student registration forms

5. Students attend interview with host 2 weeks prior to placement

6. Student attends placement and teacher visits student

7. Notify VSC of any issues for improvement.

VSC Work Experience Coordinator

2. Send Registration Template and Information Packages for Parents and Students to school

4. Matches student to host employer and develops packages of information for both employer and student including Work Experience Agreement Forms and provides a teacher package to school to manage visits etc.

Costs: Schools / RTO may either contract VSC to provide class placements using the strategy above and the school will be invoiced at the completion of the placement.  $88 / placement* Or Schools / RTO can pass on the option to parents to find placements or contact VSC directly.  VSC require an agreement from the school for us to produce Work Experience Agreement Forms under their authority. Parents pay directly at the time of registration. $95 / placement* *Placement fees apply when placement is organised and the parent /school / student notified. Cancellation by student, parent or family- no refund. Cancellation by host: there will be no charge and we will endeavour to find a replacement at no additional cost For more information contact Work Experience Coordinator on (07) 5443 8256 or email

Please email to explore how we can help your school.