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For host/Businesses

Hosting a student has a range of benefits for businesses:

  • Contributing to your local community.
  • Supervisors often realise the value of their skills and feel more satisfied in their job.
  • Staff develop training and supervisory skills.
  • Helping a young person to understand themselves and improve their confidence is a vital contribution to the student and our community.
  • Possible recruitment for future employment.

The process:

The student will be in contact with you two weeks prior to commencement to arrange an Induction interview where he/she will bring an Induction package to go through with you.

The Induction package includes:

  1. Work Experience Agreement form – for you, the employer to sign and hand back to the student. As this form is required for insurance purposes, it must be completed and returned to the school prior to the commencement of any placement;
  2. Induction form – a guide for the employer and student to ensure both obtain the information necessary for a successful placement e.g. confirmed dress requirements and start and finish times.

Please ensure that you discuss the following topics with the student either at the interview or on the student’s first day with you.  Kindly initial the areas discussed with the student and when completed, give to the student to return to the school.

  • Discuss the activities undertaken by your organisation.
  • Outline the management structure of you organisation including the student’s immediate supervisor.
  • Explain to the student your expectations of their behaviour.
  • Please give the student an outline of the types of tasks you would expect them to be doing.
  • Please indicate their start and finish times including scheduled breaks for lunch etc.
  • Please indicate to the students the dress standards required including any WH&S clothing requirements.
  • Please talk the student through your WH&S procedures and outline any specific safety standards required for the tasks they will be doing.
  • Inform the student of who to go to in case of emergencies, discrimination, harassment, accidents or any other problems that may arise.
  • Show the student facilities including toilets, change rooms, exits, staff rooms where applicable.

Please be familiar with the work experience agreement form and the requirement for schools of what you, the student, the parent and the school agree to.

The student will bring this to the interview about 2 weeks before they start their placement.

The work experience agreement form must be complete by all parties and returned to the school for insurance to be validated.

Information on work experience insurance

Some ideas host employers have used to enrich student learning:

A marketing business gave the student a dummy project (duplicate) for the student to work on and give a young person’s perspective.

A mechanic asked the student to review and update the WHS manual and to raise questions for parts that young people may not easily understand.

Retail asked student to revamp displays.

Café had a student rewrite a menu (it was adopted and helped to build sales).

Ask the student to keep a diary and record questions for a daily meeting at the end of each day to discuss the bits that the student wanted to understand more.

Some students will have a booklet from the school with specific tasks and behaviours to demonstrate in the placement.